Participation and Dues.
A successful volunteer chorus requires full participation in all scheduled concerts and rehearsals. Your active membership in the PFC is expected to be for the entire season, not just for one or two events.  The PFC collects dues at the beginning of the winter season in September and the spring season in January.  Music is purchased separately.  If this poses a financial hardship for you, please complete the waiver form and submit it to a board member.

Black performance folders are required. It can be either the “Deluxe Black Folder” or the “Choralex Compact”. They may be purchased from or call 1-877-246-7253.  Ask the Chorus Manager about a folder. We often order in bulk and this can save you several dollars over an individually placed order.

Concert Dress (Winter and Spring Seasons)
This dress policy is for most concerts. This dress is part of our desire to present a more professional appearance at our concerts. If there is an extended season or public service concert/event, any change in the required dress will be announced during rehearsals for that concert or event. If there are any questions regarding the concert dress, please talk to or email the board president.  Also, if this dress code is difficult for you financially, please let the president know. Often, another member has an extra clothing item and will be happy to lend it to you.

Men – Black tuxedo with black bow tie, white shirt, black socks, black shoes; no vest, black cummerbund optional.

Women – Black 3/4 sleeve top item # 9793AA  from Formal Fashions, Inc.  Long black skirt (just above the shoe), Black stockings, Black shoes – medium or flat heel.  Jewelry – conservative, non flashy.

Please, no strongly-scented personal care and cleansing products such as hair spray or aftershave should be worn during concerts.  Even small amounts could compromise a singer’s breathing or otherwise affect highly sensitive people.  If you have questions, or if this poses a financial hardship, please talk to the board president or Meredith Hutchings, PFC secretary, and we should be able to resolve the situation.

Auditions for our Spring 2018 concerts will take place in January.  Keep checking back for specific dates and times.

Learning Music for Concerts
If you need additional help learning your music visit which contains parts to some of the major pieces that we sing.  For lighter, “Pops” music, a good resource may be YouTube.  If you have any questions about whether you have the proper music, please talk to or email the music director.

Program Ad Forms
Consider asking any local businesses that you frequent to take out a business ad in the PFC program book.  Download the Form Here.  Ads are affordable and help the PFC a great deal.  If you drop off the form, please follow up with the business.